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About Me

Counselling takes courage, as it is not always easy to delve into previous and current patterns that have potentially shaped your life experiences. While opening up to a stranger may feel intimidating and uncomfortable, I can assure you that I will take the time to build a trusting client/counsellor relationship that is based on acceptance and a nonjudgmental, ethical and compassionate viewpoint where
confidentiality is a priority.


I am a licensed counsellor who holds a Masters In Counselling Psychology. I began my career 20 years ago in support, outreach and counselling roles and have ascended to a Team Leader/Program Director
position over the years. I have found the field work to be rewarding and beneficial in gaining a deep understanding of human behaviour and the impacts of barriers that prevent people from overcoming specific reoccurring complexities that appear in our lives. Both my educational and professional experiences have been instrumental in developing excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and critical thinking and my ambition remains to share these skills in a counselling role, offering
techniques that will help others reach their potential and achieve peace within themselves.


Individual Counselling
Couples and Family Counselling 

In-person counselling at the HollyTree Clinic. 50 minute sessions. 

My Approach
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